About the IMWD Firm

The IMWD Firm is a class at Lindenwood University within the Interactive Media & Web Design department. Students get college credit doing real work for real clients, similar to an internship. My responsibilities with this project involved creating an MVC architecture system to allow for simpler updates to the website for future firm members without the weight of using a full-scale CMS, creating and managing the GIT repository, and creating JS, PHP, and XML scripts to manage site content. I was also responsible for upgrading the old website code to the newest version of Twitter Bootstrap to make it fully responsive.

Below are some screenshots of various parts of this project.


XML Data For Team Pages

I created a system which utilizes XML data to display both current and past team members. The same XML document is used to display different data on both the front end team page and the more detailed full-team page.

imwdfirmstaff imwdfirmcontact

Custom Contact Form

This was a custom contact form I created for the firm using triple layer verification with HTML5, jQuery, and PHP. The contact form is used to process and receive orders from potential new clients.