About VeloGuides

This was a project I was contracted to do through Long Tail Creative. They provided the graphic design work, and it was my job to turn those graphics into a fully working WordPress theme with numerous custom plugins and front-end administrative features for the website owners. The website is fully responsive with Twitter Bootstrap framework.

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Front End Membership

Utilizing the TML (Theme My Login) plugin for WordPress, I was able to make a front-end login and registration system.


Front End Dashboard

I also created a front end dashboard for members and administrators where they can edit their information and see their upcoming and past events that they have attended.



Created admin roles for new user type, guides. Also created an archive to view all guides and their information.


Guide Profile


Guide Request

Only works when users are logged in.


Events List

Another plugin used with this project is the Events Manager plugin to create custom featured cycling tours.


Single Event Customization


Custom Tours by Locations

I also created a custom cycling tour system separate from the Events Manager plugin for special ride requests by guides and their locations.